Dealing with freelance artists remotely can be cumbersome for studios. Finding qualified and reliable artists quickly is no easy task, and managing and supervising their work often becomes a burden for the production team afterwards. This is where Agora comes in. A hybrid solution between virtual studio and casting agency, we use our vast talent pool to quickly match specialized artists with specific tasks. Our team of industry veterans then coordinate and supervise their work during production to ensure they provide the quality expected on budget and on time. We provide the following services:


Each member of Agora has been carefully selected based on our high standards for creative talent, technical skills and experience. This pool of talent includes more than 400 artists with various areas of expertise: concept artists, storyboard artists, character artists, environment artists, riggers, animators, CFX and VFX artists, lighters, compositing artists and matte painters, just to name a few. From industry veterans to talented up-and-comers, this vast pool of resources allows us to tackle diverse types of projects and to provide financial flexibility to our clients.

Creative talent - Experience - Technical skills


Each new project starts with a thorough evaluation of our clients' needs. Once this is complete, we present a breakdown of the workflow toward completion, including detailed approval steps. We then select artists best matched for each task. For instance, if our client has a kitten to animate, we don't simply find “an animator”, we find “the animator” with quadruped locomotion experience relevant to this task. This process allow us to ensure production quality and efficiency of every specific task.


Once we are ready to move forward, we organize a kick-off to make sure the mandate is clear for everyone (freelancer, supervisor and client). We then handle the coordination between the studios and freelancers and supervise the work, providing creative guidance and technical support along the way. We also handle and standardize administrative duties such as NDA signatures, contractual agreements, insurance and financial compensation to freelancers.




Security and privacy are highly valued at Agora. Secure data transfer and password-protected reviews provide a safe environment for quick and efficient iteration. Strict non-disclosure agreements are signed by all our freelancers and Agora's liability insurance protects them from any potential lawsuits resulting from a security breach.

Freelancers testimonies



New York city, USA

Animating with Agora is the ultimate combination of the great opportunity to work on high-quality productions and all the flexibility that working remotely provides. I have the ability to build my schedule to suit my individual needs and the satisfaction of continuing to grow and be challenged as an animator. The first-rate leadership at Agora and the passion of fellow animators contribute to the experience of working on a superior product, and the freedom to live anywhere (and not just feel limited to VFX-heavy cities) gives me relief that I can still pursue this career that I love even if my life takes me to unexpected places!

ROMAN ADAMANOV (Character artist)

Mariupol, Ukraine

Working with Agora Studio, I get high! This is a dream for freelancers. When Agora sent me the first contract, I thought it was some kind of mistake. I couldn't be so lucky... but it was real! They constantly provide me with remote work and I don't have to bother about finding work myself. Now I can plan my life more calmly, spend more time with my family, finally pass my drivers license at the age of 33 and just bought a car! It's great! I'm happy now!

COREY GETSI (Animation TD)

Colorado Springs, CO, USA

I've worked with Agora for a few years now...and I LOVE it! I have as much freedom as one can have while still working. I work the hours that I want to work, when I want to work them. And the people I work with are amazing. It's truly been a blessing. I'm living the dream.


Somewhere in South East Asia

Exploring this amazing world while working as an animator... a dream? Agora allows me to travel in different countries, meet new cultures and work from the most beautiful places on this planet as a digital nomad, while cooperating on interesting projects! This is the future of our industry, and I am so happy to be a part of it.

ALEX RONCO (Animator)

Montreal, Canada

When I first heard about Agora I said to myself, this is finally happening. Being able to do the work I'm passionate about and having more time with my kids and wife at the same time is the perfect balance in my life. Agora is a very serious company providing many useful tools and great support that allows you to focus only on what you've been hired for.

Working from home may seem intimidating at first because of the fact that you're alone, but you're not. You're actually surrounded by talented people from all over the world that you can talk to at anytime via instant chat. I started working with Agora last year and hope to be a part of it for many years!


Vancouver, B.C., Canada

Working with Agora I have always felt supported, considered and involved in the creative process. They know what they are doing and really take care of their artists. I would love to work with them again!

VÉRONIQUE COMEAU (Character artist)

Saint Antoine, N.B., Canada

It can be difficult to find good projects as a freelancer, but Agora makes it easy for me. We have mutual trust and respect which enables me to focus on the work in a creative and gratifying way. I feel very lucky to be a part of the team.


Rimouski, Que., Canada

I am so happy to work as a 3D animator freelancing for Agora. They are very professional and provide great opportunities to freelancing artists like me. Working from home, I can always be there for my family. There is no traffic, I can eat with my wife every day and manage my working hours however I want to.


Toronto, Canada

You guys do an outstanding job in bringing great animation talent together to produce beautiful animation. As an animator that has traveled the country to work for different studios, I really appreciate how Agora is breaking the mold and allowing artist/animators to live in one place and raise there families as well as being able to work on beautiful animation productions remotely.

Being able to work from home I believe is the future for our industry, it gives any studio in the world the ability to recruit the best talent from any place in the world. Agora has a great future and I look forward to working with them again soon.

Christine Ruby (Animator)

Mont-Saint-Hilaire, Canada

It was a wonderful experience to work from home through Agora on a Feature Film. The project was fun, the team really helpful and available anytime of the day (or night!). The creative feedback and the approval process were both clear and went very smoothly. And to top it off, I could work at hours that fit my family needs with a flexible schedule!!! I'm very excited by the prospect of collaborating with Agora again in the future!


Santiago, Chile

Working for Agora Studio's has been one of the best experiences I've had. Everyone is very professional and organized, I had a great supervisor from who I learned a lot. He was always there whenever I needed help or to solve any sort of problem. Agora Studio's has a really talented staff which I am thankful to have met and work with daily.

JUANDI LIZA (Animator)

Madrid, Spain

Working with Agora has been my best professional experience so far in any measure. They deeply care about quality, so that's the kind of projects you will work on with a lot of talented mates, supervised by great mentors such as Jacob Gardner. Their pipeline works like a charm, David is always in charge providing support when needed and Eve is always on the other side making it easy and simple to manage paperwork. I hope this amazing concept of a virtual studio keeps going and be part of it for many more years.

KIM LEOW (Animator)

Vancouver, Canada

I started working with Agora this year as an animator. David and Eve made sure we had everything to work efficiently and Jacob was such a great supervisor. The support team was always available to make the process smooth and efficient. I can't speak highly enough of Agora. There is great trust and respect extended to artists. Finding Remote work in animation is quite challenging. Not to mention, able to work remotely with great talents on feature is such a rare opportunity. I hope to work with them more consistently and move to an island. That would be a dream!

ADRIAN LIM (Animator)

Wellington, New Zealand

It was a real pleasure working with David and the Agora team on a couple of projects. They are a well organized studio that brings in a variety of nice, fun projects to work on, backed by good management. I also had the opportunity to work with top notch, reliable animators from their pool of freelancers. A smooth enjoyable working experience!


Buenos Aires, Argentina

I met David Hubert and Jacob Gardner at iAnimate, the online animation school, a few years back. Jacob was my animation instructor and I learned a ton from him. I live in Buenos Aires and always wanted to work in a big studio but couldn't leave my family behind. Now with Agora I have the chance to work on great projects with this amazing team of artists, and to keep learning a lot from them.


Vancouver, Canada

I had a great time working with Agora. Every part of the crew was incredibly helpful in making sure I had all I need to be an effective artist. Working remote normally has its drawbacks but during my time there it really did feel like a cohesive team!


Melbourne, Australia

I had great experience working with Agora as an animator. Essentially they took care of all the stuff that can make freelancing difficult: sourcing quality clients, negotiating, meetings, invoicing, tech. It freed me up spend all my energy on creative work. Working with Jacob was awesome, I look forward to learning more skills from him on future gigs as he is an A+ animation supervisor.

ALEX MANN (Rigger)

Seattle, USA

I've been working on various interesting projects with Agora for nearly a year now. They have been consistently patient, fair and helpful, and an all-around great group of talented people to work with!


Lviv, Ukraine

Since I started working remotely with Agora in September 2016, I've gotten my sense of freedom back! I am now managing my time in accordance with each project, not dealing with contracts and clients directly, not worrying about the next gig or getting paid on time. Participating in a diversity of cool projects with highly professional people is a refreshing experience.

It feels like they really care about freelancers, which is very important to me personally. I wish Agora the best possible future, as I'm most likely going to be a part of it for the long run!


Montreal, Que., Canada

I have been working with Agora since 2015 and it gave me many opportunities to work on some really exciting projects which are fun to animate and gave me good exposure. Both David and Jacob are talented & supportive supervisors who know exactly what they want.